More than just weddings


Holiday Parties, Galas, Fundraisers

A holiday breakfast, luncheon or dinner is a wonderful way of bringing a large group of friends, family or co-workers together to say thank you. Grand Volute Catering & Event Center will help celebrate the spirit of Christmas. We are West Michigan’s premier venue for holiday parties. Call us today (616) 987-9000.

Banquets, Awards Ceremonies

Sport banquets are a fun way to celebrate the dedication and hard work of all the team members, the coaches and the athlete’s families. Grand Volute Catering & Event Center will be your quarterback to plan a smooth banquet that will reflect the spirit of your team. We offer catering to suit your tastes and budget. Our banquet center will seat up to 600 guests. Call our Sports Banquet specialist today at (616) 987-9000.

bridal shower

Bridal Showers, Baby Showers

A perfect way for friends and family to come together and celebrate a marriage or new baby. We cater these special occasions and offer many options to make your shower memorable. Call us today (616) 987-9000.

Luncheons, Business Meetings, Funerals, Anniversaries

Let’s do lunch. Grand Volute offers countless selections perfect for your business, funeral, fundraiser, retirement or awards ceremony. Have your next luncheon event with us for great food and a worry-free event. We are West Michigan’s premier luncheon venue. Call us today (616) 987-9000.

Trade Shows, Expos, Product Launch

A product launch can educate the public about your exciting new innovation. Grand Volute Catering and Event Center is the perfect venue for your next launch or expo.  Trade shows and expos offer a multifaceted event with exhibitions, business meetings, public inquires and live shows are taking place at the same time. An expo, launch or trade show at Grand Volute is a great way to bring the public together. We are West Michigan’s premier venue. Call us today (616) 987-9000.